I don't understand, what is iEulogy® all about?

Understandably, this topic is not a popular one, but it’s one that cannot be avoided. Most people are not very well prepared to deal with death, especially their own. Others prepare for it from a financial stand point and last will and testament, but for the most part, it ends there. Often, family and friends are left feeling somewhat empty that they didn’t have the chance to say their goodbyes. This certainly must be true for the departed, as well. iEulogy® allows its members to do this very thing – say public or private farewells, make peace with loved ones, or make final declarations. iEulogy®, at its core, was designed as a place for members to create and upload a video of themselves delivering their own eulogy – their last words. During the development stages, it became obvious that additional messaging options were not being utilized. As a result, iEulogy® now offers the ability for members to store multiple types of files, such as documents, audio files, and videos. In addition, other personal messaging options are available as well, such as individual and group e-mail. It is the goal of iEulogy® to give peace of mind to its members that their last words will be delivered.

Why can’t I just do this on my own?

There is nothing stopping you from doing this on your own. But doing this on your own becomes difficult, logistically speaking. Where do you store your information? Who has access to your data? Is the data readily available upon your passing? How will messages get delivered to the right people? We have put a lot of thought into all of these items and have developed, what we feel is a one stop solution site.

What is a Key Holder?

A Key Holder is a trusted individual that you have confidence in. Somebody that will handle your data as instructed. A Key Holder has the responsibility to act upon your passing to activate their key to gain access to your private vault to retrieve your files. A Key Holder cannot act alone, but must work in coordination with another assigned Key Holder to unlock your private vault. No single Key Holder can open a member’s private vault - this is a safeguard to prevent accidental activation. Memberships require a minimum of 2 verified Key Holders, but we recommend having 5 Key Holders.

I'm only 23, why would I use iEulogy®?

We understand that at such a young age that you will live a long and fruitful life. Think of the services that iEulogy® provides, the same way you would life insurance. It's something that you may not want, but you carry it just in case something were to happen. Unfortunately, none of us really know when our time will come.

What do you mean by private vault?

A private vault is a virtual safe where your files are stored securely and encrypted for your protection. Only members have access to their files until their private vault is unlocked by two assigned Key Holders by activating their keys.

What kind of documents can I store?

The types of files that can be stored are typical word processing files, spreadsheet files, text files, etc. The content of these files are completely up to you. The documents might include your wishes for your service, location of passwords and codes for accounts, miscellaneous instructions, etc. It is completely up to you.

What kind of audio and video files can I store?

You can upload all types of current audio/video formats, such as avi, mov, mpg, wmv, rm, aif, mp3, ra, wav, etc. As long as the file type is a true audio or video formatted file, it is allowed.

Can I record audio/video files directly to my private vault?

At this time, direct recording of audio/video files to your private vault is not an option. Your audio/video file must be prerecorded and then uploaded to your private vault.

How do I get my files into my private vault?

As a member of iEulogy®, you will be able to upload all files via the “Add Data” web interface under your account. For every file uploaded, you will be able to give access to one or more Key Holders.

How much space do I have to store files?

While file space limitations are not currently set, it is not the function of iEulogy® to become a data repository for its members. If a member is flagged for excessive usage, that member will be contacted to perform cleanup of files to reduce space usage.

Who can see my documents and audio/video files?

Only members can see their documents and audio/video files, until their passing. Once a member has passed and two of their Key Holders activate their keys to unlock the member’s private vault, then the data will become viewable, in whole or part, to all of the member’s assigned Key Holders.

How does a Key Holder gain access to my files?

There is an “activation” process that must be executed upon a member’s passing. This process is initiated by one of the Key Holders upon learning of the member’s passing. Once a Key Holder initiates the activation, an e-mail is delivered to all of the member’s Key Holders to inform them of the activation initialization. Upon receiving the notice, and after acknowledging the member’s passing, another Key Holder can complete the activation process. Once the activation process has been completed, the data will become viewable, in whole or part, to all of the member’s assigned Key Holders.

If I store my last will and testament, is it legally binding?

By simply storing a legal document in your private vault, it does not become legally binding. iEulogy® makes no expressed warranties that any document stored will be considered legal and binding. As with any legal document, please consult legal counsel to establish the legality of the document.

What happens to my files, when I pass?

We understand that mistakes do happen, and we want to give ample time for corrective action to take place. As such, your files and account will remain in an idle state for a period of 60 days. After 60 days, your account will be closed and your stored files removed.

What if a Key Holder mistakenly activates their key?

This is why we require that two Key Holders be involved with the activation process. This acts as a safeguard to prevent any single Key Holder from accidentally performing the activation. If a Key Holder accidentally initiates the activation, the member can terminate the process upon notification. This will reset the activation status and will notify the member and their Key Holders that an accidental activation had been initiated, and subsequently terminated.

How do I get support when I am having problems with this site?

We try our best to answer any question within the FAQ area or within the How-To area. If you find yourself needing further assistance, please fill out the Contact Form and include your detail question there.

I don’t know what to say in my video, can iEulogy® help?

iEulogy® is currently not in the business of providing assistance on how to put together a message of this nature. There are many websites available that do offer such services, both for a fee and for free. We recommend that you spend some time searching for these sites and do some research until you find what you are looking for.

I’m a Key Holder – what if I lose my unique key code?

When a member assigns you the honor of becoming a Key Holder for them, an e-mail is delivered to you with a link where you either accept or decline being a Key Holder for the member. Upon successful registration as a Key Holder for the member, you will receive another e-mail with an electronic certificate that you can retain electronically, or print out for safe keeping. This certificate contains the unique key code that you will need to participate in the activation process. In the event that you do lose your key code, you can have the member send you a copy of the certificate or contact iEulogy® a request a copy of the certificate be generated and delivered to you.

What information do I need to know about Key Holders?

To invite an individual to be a Key Holder, you will only need to know their first and last name, as well as their e-mail address.

How can I be guaranteed that my e-mail messages will get delivered?

You can rest assure that all of your messages will be delivered to individuals and groups, provided that we are given accurate information. We cannot guarantee delivery to individuals or groups if we are not provided with their proper contact information.

How do I cancel my membership?

Canceling your membership is easy, there is an option under your account area for doing so. Once you cancel your membership, no further charges will be made to your card and your account will be placed in a suspended state for 60 days. This makes it easy for you to rejoin, in case you change your mind. During this suspended state, you can still login, but you will not be able to access your files, or perform any other functions, except for reactivating your membership. If you choose not to rejoin within the 60 day suspend state, your membership access and files will be removed.

If I cancel my membership, what happens to my files?

All of your files will be retained for 60 days as your membership enters into a suspended state. After the 60 day period has expired, all of your files will be removed.

When I pass, will I continue to be billed?

No, future billings will be discontinued upon successful activation by two Key Holders.

I’m not sure this is for me, why should I use iEulogy®?

With the range of belief sets that exist out in the world, this service will not be for everyone out there. We feel, that with today’s social networking and available technology at hand, that iEulogy® is the perfect solution for last words to be heard, for last words to be – delivered.